Does magic find affect gambling

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Magic find affects the quality of items you acquire from killing enemies (but not treasure chests, vases, weapon racks, or other environmental objects). It doesn’t give you a chance to get more items on a given kill – instead, it increases the chance that an item you find will be magical, and more potent than it would be otherwise.

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Magic Find, or MF, was a very popular magical property found on many types of items in Diablo 3 vanilla, where a high value of MF (300% or more) was all-but required to regularly find legendary items.

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Would I have a better chance of getting legendaries when buying items with blood shards if I was in T6 with a full different set of gear all with...

Magic find - Diablo Wiki Magic Find, or MF, was a very popular magical property found on many types of items in Diablo 3 vanilla, where a high value of MF (300% or more) was all-but required to regularly find legendary items. This is no longer the case since all legendary drop rates were greatly increased and Magic Find was reduced in effect in Loot 2.0 as seen in D3v2 and Reaper of Souls. Magic Find (Diablo II) - Diablo Wiki Magic Find. Magic Find, or MF for short, is an attribute found on items that changes one of the game's mechanics that has nothing to do with your character itself. Instead, it affects the loot that is generated in a way that is usually beneficial to players looking for items of a higher value, as opposed to a player without Magic Find. Magic Find - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Magic Find is both an account bonus and a character attribute that increases the chance to receive higher-quality loot from slain foes. With a few exceptions, it does not affect containers (including champion loot bags), chests, or any other source of loot.. These special items are affected by magic find: Containers received from reward tracks, generally called "Loot box" or "cache", which ... The Arreat Summit - Items: Magic Find -

Does it effect gambling? or stuff from chests? Wouldn't say it would affect gambling since the items are pre-determined before you even check them (proven by the bug which was patched last patch).

Gambling - Sports gambling would not only be bad for these reasons but also because it would adversely affect the integrity of the game. Biblical Perspective on Gambling Even though the Bible does not directly address gambling, we can derive a number of principles from Scripture. First, notice the contrast between the Bible and gambling. Does Magic Find affect Legendary drop rates? - Diablo III ... Magic find % basically allows for an item to roll up a class. So a rare can upscale to a legendary and a magic can upscale to a rare, etc. the enemies that are killed have a set loot pool # and the loot has a higher chance of going up a tier according to your mf. Exactly as aenimis put it.